Thursday, July 3, 2008

White Stripes

No, not the band - today we're talking about bad highlights.

Fashiontary has been patronizing an uber-chic hair salon on the Upper East Side for years. The owner was a top-notch colorist and did a very nice job in the beginning: friendly and professional too. Fashiontary liked him so much that he was hired to do our wedding. Many years later though, he's has developed quite an ego even as quality has gone down.

What happened? We don't know for sure, but since we've been going to him, he's become a Big Deal. But he's lost his touch. Now, he farms out most of the work to his assistants, doesn't give anyone that personal attention anymore (or at least anyone who's not dripping with diamonds), and has become bitchy - bad mouthing his existing clients.

Yesterday, he lost our business for good. We went in for simple highlights and came out looking like a zebra. The owner never came to check on us, never asked if we liked the end result. To add insult, the assistants swore up and down that we looked great but even our male friends (who normally wouldn't notice if we shaved our head) could tell that something was wrong.

We go to the beauty salon to boost our confidence. Coming out looking ridiculous feels like getting mugged. And for our money, getting bad color is even worse than a bad haircut - it's harder to hide.

So here's my question for all you readers: How much responsibility does your colorist (or stylist, or whatever) have to be honest with you? Should they re-do your doo if you're not happy? Do their high prices justify them spending the extra time or can they afford to let clients go elsewhere?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

How frustrating! Something similar happened to me - hair stylists can be so full of themselves and forget where they came from! It will catch up with your colorist / owner - don't worry!

Fashiontarian said...

Totally agree!

Anonymous said...

What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so dramatic - you got what you paid for - an EGO!