Sunday, July 20, 2008

Foley & Corinna Goes Mainstream!

Fashiontary loves discovering new designers! It is so exciting to find a new style that no one else has or, even better, that just a few people whose taste you admire have discovered. But when that designer and their style gets so popular that you start to see it everywhere, you know it is time to move on to the next hot thing.

We have noticed recently Foley and Corinna is being sold @ Bloomingdales front and center. It is not something we like to see because then the styles are everywhere but we understand this is how designers cash in.

What do you think - should designers stay underground and sell exclusively to a few super cool places or go to main-stream department stores?


Luxury said...

It's a common reaction for those who can really afford to not to like if things they love go mainstream - by then, their most coveted items will not be unique anymore.

Well who really wants to have the same bag along with the whole town...

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