Friday, June 20, 2008

Michelle Obama Dictates Trends

It's no surprise that Michelle "O" aka Michelle Obama is making her fashion mark while appearing on "The View" on Wednesday in an effort to soften her image. All of this occurred when she wore a Donna Ricco off the rack black-and-white dress, $148 (shown) during the taping of the show. The dress will forever be known as the "Obama" dress.

Various stores reported an immediate spike in sales for the $148 leaf-print frock as soon as the show went off the air.

As a result, Donna Ricco, the designer is on everyones radar. According to the Daily News, her website,, got more than 2,000 hits. And now she is working to get 3,000 more dresses made by September.

As of several hours ago, Fashiontary saw only one dress being sold on ebay. Stay tuned!

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