Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Ugg Debate

While I love my Uggs, I'm a little tired of wearing the furry creatures with my business and evening attire. They have so many good attributes; they’re warm, cozy and comfortable. But, they’ve always looked heavy and bulky and the light colored suedes can get very beat up after a short time of being worn in the City.

That is, until this season. They must have been reading my mind this season when they came out with their new Nolita and SoHo collections, which are much more stylish and modern. The Nolita collection is high heeled (almost 3 inches) and the SoHo collection has a low heel (but not as flat as the classic Uggs). Each collection has several styles, each available in multiple darker leathers and suedes. Though their classic collection seems to be still very popular, the newer collection appeals to the urban girl who wants more out of a boot. This collection, unlike the classic Uggs, could even be worn under a suit to a business meeting.

I still will probably default to my Kona Uggs on the weekends. But, for work, I’ve ordered several styles to keep my feet comfortable and dry and looking stylish. No more having to choose between warm and chic. Fashiontary’s favorite styles are Broome (SoHo) and Caroline (Nolita).

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