Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top 12 Cosmetic and Skin Care Brands

WWD did a great exclusive article today about the top 12 cosmetic and skin care brands ranked by customers. According to the study, 3,200 consumers, 18 to 65 years of age, were were asked which cosmetics brands (lips, eyes and/or face) they bought most recently and to rank them based on four key criteria. 1) How the brand makes them look or feel 2) how much trust they have in the brand and how well the brand knows their customer 3) the rate at which new products are developed and their quality and 4) how the products perform after consumer testing. The study did not include hair care or fragrance brands. We have summarized the results, which Fashiontary thinks are very interesting.

1. Maybelline, score of 128: This brand ranked highest because it consistently makes the consumer look and feel good

2. Mary Kay, 128: Their extremely high score was due to its loyal following – Fashiontary was surprised on this ranking.

3. Estee Lauder, 127: "It ranks highest as a trusted brand”

4. Lancome, 126: Fashiontary isn’t sure why it scored so high but we assume it’s due to the Rénergie skin care line.

5. Clinique, 126: “It ranked highest on innovation”. Although this scored very well, Fashiontary was surprised this brand didn’t do even better. We think with their future plans with Allergan, their trust may also increase.

6. L'Oreal, 126: This brand is strong in communication with their consumers

7. Chanel, 124: Chanel ranks as a highly trusted brand.

8. Max Factor, 124: This is a long proven brand which is associate with Hollywood glamor.

9. Cover Girl, 123: "Its strength drivers...are the trust and effortless transformation factors." Stay tuned for a brand make-over.

10. Neutrogena, 123: Skin care is driving customer loyalty and innovative product line.

11. Revlon, 122: Although they have a wide range of products, the performed poorly in innovation, interesting- right? Fashiontary thinks quantity isn’t quality.

12. Avon, 120: This brand is very successful at making their consumers look and feel good but need to focus on innovating their business as well as re-building their trust.


Christine said...

This is an interesting poll, but I do wonder who the women were that they polled. The high ranking of Maybelline makes me think teens, but then with Mary Kay #2, not teens...

I personally would have ranked MAC (where are they?), Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Max Factor and Cover Girl highly, as I've had great results with them lately. Maybelline hasn't been good for me for quite a while, and I used Mary Kay for a bit in high school (my mom's friend sold it), but not at all since then...

Anonymous said...

y no atristy?