Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prada Still Going Public

Even though the stock market has been very nutty in 2008, Prada has announced again, they still plan to go public on the Milan Stock Exchange in either June or November '08. This of course is pending the outcome of their advisers - meaning they still may pull out. The final decision is expected in March when they report earnings. It's interesting how they keep bringing it out though like they are trying to attract interest for June.

Fashiontary really wonders how safe it is considering last week Liz Claiborne lost 18% in one day. Prada is a very strong and proven brand but other companies falling into this criterion have also struggled this year. So is it safe?

Fashiontary thinks Prada will watch Ferragamo’s IPO and then decide [scheduled in the near future]. Additionally the Prada family could be finally looking to cash out. Industry sources value Prada between $5.85 billion to $7.31 billion. Prada is 95% owned by the Prada family.

Fashiontary thinks if their IPO performs poorly at least we will finally be able to pick Prada up at a discount. Stay tuned!

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