Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grammy Fashion Review

Why is fashion so challenging for those vocally gifted? Fashiontary watched the Grammy’s on Sunday night but was utterly perplexed at the general lack of fashion taste. Why don’t these talented folks [mostly women] have better stylists? I’m not referring to Amy Winehouse, I’m referring to those that attempted to do good but really did very bad like Beyonce and Carrie Underwood – big hair and crazy dresses. Even Alicia Keys had some trouble in her initial outfits – the navy Giorgio Armani dress and teal Body-Con gown. Fashiontary thinks she looked most fabulous during her duet with John Mayer. Her hair was down and flowing and her make-up looked more natural.

TMZ put together a small portfolio of Grammy’s Bad Fashion which was pretty accurate. What do you guys think? Did you even watch?

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