Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Would You Buy This?

Fashiontary is launching a new weekly series called: Would You Buy This?
To begin, we saw an article in New York Magazine about a belt selling for $18,000 [eighteen thousand dollars]. Fashiontary can say with confidence that no one we know would buy this. So, why would someone design a belt they can't sell? Why take on that cost?
According to the designer, Kristina Pitaniello of Kale Miles, the bulk of the price comes from the platinum buckle which is approximately 8 ounces. New York Magazine calculated that one ounce of platinum would roughly cost $1,600. The eight ounce buckle alone would equate to $12,800. Everything else in the article was a blur. I was so perplexed after reading how much it cost. The leather and the mark up hasn't been factored into this equation. Doesn't Kale Miles realize we are in a recession?
Two questions: Who do you think would buy this, seriously? What is the most you ever spent on a belt?

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