Monday, January 21, 2008

TV Appearance: Isaac Mizrahi Food Critic?

I was watching one of my favorite shows, Iron Chef America on the Food Network, the other night and was surprised to see Isaac Mizrahi as a guest food critic. It was apparently a rerun from May but entertaining no less. Isaac has been getting so much PR that I thought the timing was no coincidence. Check out the interview Food Network did with him- it was funny yet enlightening:
Profession: Designer/TV host
Interests: Style and the Arts
Ideal secret ingredient: Eggs, from a chicken. Or, peaches
Culinary inspirations: I got into it through baking. The first thing I did in my own kitchen was bake a few chocolate cakes to find the definitive recipe which came, of all places, from Fanny Farmer. It was a sort of existential crisis that weekend. I went through about six or seven. In my twenties I cooked a lot from Julia Child's book "Mastering The Art..." When I was a child I used to sauté every Saturday. Just stuff around the kitchen. My mom thought I was mad.
Favorite restaurant: Chez Panisse
Favorite food: Ice cream
Food you won't go near: Oysters and clams cause I'm allergic
Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: I ate Haggis in Scotland a few times and was revolted and seduced simultaneously
Favorite food destination: Caviar Caspia in Paris. Another of my favorite places.
Alternative dream job: Ballet dancer
Picture: Mark Vergari / Rockland Magazine

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