Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Plastic Ain't My Thing!

Come on, let's try to do something positive for the environment this year. Everybody seems to be doing it too. So, let's join the bandwagon of people who are giving up plastic and going canvas. It makes much more sense because it's obviously better for the environment, canvas bags are more durable and you look much cuter carrying this. I found some examples of canvas totes which I thought were pretty cool: Plastic Ain't My Bag [$10], Map Totes [$15] or Shopping Bags from Neiman Marcus [$40 for set of 5]
Will you be giving up your plastic bag for canvas? Keep us posted if you try it!
Update: According to the New York Times, the Whole Foods Market chain said that "it would stop offering plastic grocery bags, giving customers instead a choice between recycled paper or reusable bags." They had estimated that their store distributes 150 million plastic bags a year. The change will take effect by April 22, 2008, Earth Day.

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