Monday, January 21, 2008

Handbag Customization by 1154 Lill Studio- Am I Dreaming?

I was admiring my friend Juli's bag this weekend and I asked her where she purchased it. She said she designed it herself- with the help of this website called Lisa Lill aka 1154 Lill Studio. The concept is brilliant and fun. You choose from twenty one handbag and eight accessory styles. Once completed you choose the fabric. You can pick different fabrics for different aspects of the bag. For example, the straps could be one fabric and the body of the bag another. The selection is awesome but the bags aren’t cheap. 1154 Lill Studio offers bridal bags as well. If you are looking for a bag and just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, check out this site and customize your own. Lill Studio also does home and office parties because a girl can never have too many bags!
Fashiontary favorites:
*Diana, $156- Mommy Diaper Bag [I would definitely use this as a non-Mommy]
*Kimberly Reversible Tote, $110
*Erinn Clutch, $90 [Perfect for an evening out on the town]
*Carolina Wallet, $98 [Always looking for that perfect wristlet wallet]
*Lulu Headband, $32
1154 Lill Studio has stores in Chicago, Boston, Kansas City and one opening in Philadelphia soon. Fashiontary wants you to come to New York soon because we love your bags and concept! Warning: this site is really addicting!

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