Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Gilt Girls - Who Are They?

If you're a sample sale junkie, look no further. There is an invitation only sample sale website to anyone and everyone who can get invited. Gilt was co-founded by Alexandra Wilson and Alexis Maybeck who met @ Harvard.
Launched in November 2007, Gilt, provides members access to coveted fashion and luxury lifestyle brands at sample sale prices. Every sale is held over a one day period. Prior to a sale, a teaser is created to introduce each designer brand.
Membership is by referral only and there is no fee associated with joining. Fashiontary thinks this may change. The site is pretty new but there is already 100,000+ members. Fashiontary is still trying to figure out how they're making money- we assume through basic clothing mark-up.
According to the New York Post, "Gilt is the Soho House of sample sales. If you're not signed up, you cannot attend."
Stay tuned for my daily teasers. If you want to be invited, leave a comment and I will invite you.

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