Friday, January 25, 2008

Fashion Victim: Tommy Hilfiger

The big story in fashion and deal making today is how Tommy Hilfiger postponed plans to go public on the Euronext Amsterdam Exchange. The Wall Street Journal says, the main reason is due to market turmoil. The listing was expected to value the company at approximately 5 billion.
Even though Fashiontary does not consider Tommy Hilfiger a luxury brand, the delay may affect plans by Prada and Ferragamo to go public this year on the Milan Stock Exchange. Concerns have been mounting about how the luxury market will sustain an acceptable level of sales in an economic downturn. The Wall Street Journal says that the retail sector is the sector usually most affected in times like these.
When and if these brands decide to go public, one thing is for sure, they will wait until market conditions are more stable.
picture: Tommy hearts Guns N Roses

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