Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fashion Inspires Car Makers?

Did you know that some car makers are using "must have" fashion colors as inspiration for their line of cars? Did you also know an auto maker's chief paint designer may attend fashion shows?
According to the Wall Street Journal, automakers are paying more attention to "hot" colors on the runway and furniture shows because they want to please their customers. Having the wrong color in stock can negatively impact their bottom line. Shocking.
According to this article, it takes approximately 5 years to develop, test and perfect a color and could cost around $250,000. The delay seems to work in the car makers' favor though, since it takes some time for the hot new colors to trickle down from the high fashion market to the mass consumer car market. But picking the right colors to copy is still risky and some automakers prefer to stick to the basics and avoid fashion hues altogether.
The article said that the best selling car colors are white, silver, black, grey, and blue. These account for 50% of the cars sold. But consumers are very particular; 39% of may be tempted to switch brands if they can't find the model the want in the color they want. According to the article, "You're certainly seeing the correlation among industries." Fashiontary totally agrees.

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