Saturday, January 19, 2008

Does Everything Expire?

I heard a news report on NY1 this morning talking about how all kinds of products that you would normally think of as durable actually have expiration dates. One that kind of made sense was car seats for babies. Apparently, after about six years (or even sooner if it's ever been in an accident) the plastic gets too brittle to be useful to protect the child.
One item that surprised us was hair irons such as flat irons, curling irons etc. They claim that the temperature sensors die eventually, which can lead to burnt hair (yikes!) but they didn't say how long they last. The report suggested that you should look on the box the iron came in to see if it has an expiration date. Of course, I threw out the boxes long ago (so that's no help). The reporter then said that if the iron is burning your hair you should get rid of it. No kidding! But that seems like waiting too long.
The report's message was "when in doubt, throw it out," but that seems awfully wasteful when hair irons can cost so much money. They should have said, when in doubt, research it; so I'm going to research this a little more. Does anyone know how long they should last? Are some better than others? Stay tuned!

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