Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas, Take 2

As our countdown continues to 27 Dresses, we will focus our discussion today on nice gifts to give:
1) Give them a handbag - no, not a Gucci or Louis Vuitton [unless you can afford] but purchase a purse which works with their dress but is also fashionable. Fashiontary recommends Bluet but if this doesn’t strike you, there are plenty of designers eager to make a bag to your liking for not very much money. The bag provides a way for your bridesmaid to hold their stuff on the wedding day without stressing. Note if you purchase in bulk, you may be able to land a discount if you ask.
2) Give Jewelry - I purchased jade necklaces for my bridesmaids “on the street” in SoHo. This not only was a thoughtful keepsake but it provided my bridesmaid with a fashionable accessory to “pop” their outfit. There are so many talented jewelry designers [one being my cousin] where you can purchase necklaces, earrings or bracelets for your special friends. Note if you purchase in bulk, you may be able to land a discount if you ask.
3) Give a silver plated purse mirror - a silver plated mirror with engraved initials is also a wonderful present for a bridesmaid because she wants to look her best all night without running to the bathroom every ½ hour.
4) Treat your bridesmaid to a spa for one or two services such as a manicure/pedicure or a facial. Fashiontary loves Jin Soon for a manicures / pedicures [NYC] and Bliss for facials.
5) Treat your bridesmaid to get her hair and makeup done.

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