Monday, January 21, 2008

Beauty Monday: Living a Healthier Life Style

I have noted below five simple ways to start living a healthier lifestyle as per Bob Greene. Bob Greene and Oprah are on a quest to help others transform their health, body and life:
1. Get moving.
"That's the single most important thing," Bob says. "Most people cut calories, but you've got to lead an active lifestyle."
2. Stop eating two hours before bedtime.
3. Drink at least six glasses of water.
"Most people are dehydrated, and that hurts the weight loss process," Bob says. "Get your six 8-ounce glasses a day. …But if you're active, you've got to step that up."
4. Eat three meals, including a nutritious breakfast, and a snack.
Bob says restructuring your eating, especially to incorporate a healthy breakfast, is extremely important.
5. Eliminate alcohol (for now). "Give it a month or two."

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