Monday, January 14, 2008

Beauty Monday: Cold Weather Treatments

Since the cold weather is coming back with a vengeance this week, I wanted to note 9 beauty tips from Health Magazine's Liz Flahive that can help fight off the dryness and other problems from the cold:
1) Shower with lukewarm water vs. hot water; hot water will dry out the body;
2) Try to use shea butter body lotions vs. fragrance based products to combat dryness;
3) Use soy based cleansers to boost your radiance on your face;
4) Continue to use face and body creams with SPF because the sun is still powerful no matter the season;
5) To remove dead skin, soak your feet in warm whole milk, remove and add foot cream and leave this on overnight by wearing socks;
6) To fight off hair static from a hat, rub a dryer sheet on your hair;
7) Keep hand cream with you at all times: purse, car, work, home and use constantly. The best products to fight dryness have shea butter and glycerin;
8) Try lip balms with avocado or almond seed oil; also lip scrubs may help with the dead skin; and,
9) For itchy and dry scalps, use dandruff shampoos with zinc or salicylic acid (which can be purchased over the counter).

Note: Health Magazine did not make these specific product recommendations.

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