Sunday, December 30, 2007

Question of the day: Where can I find a good Messenger Bag?

Dear Fashiontarian,
I am obsessed with finding the perfect messenger bag. I want it to look chic enough for work and evenings out but not too trendy so it is obvious which season it was purchased. Please help.
Lousia, Chicago
Dear Louisa,
I too am looking for that perfect messenger bag which seems to be easy to carry, hip for an evening out yet work appropriate. Depending on your budget, I would recommend the following. Bags are organized by price.
Gucci, $895 (Bergdorf Goodman)
Tod's Messenger Media Bag, $775 (Saks)*
*Our Pick
Nadia Large Cargo Sac by Ani, $485 (LunaBoston)
Blur Mail Bag, now $346.99 (as seen on Jessica Simpson)
Shutterbug Messenger Bag, $328 (Anthropologie)*
*Our Pick
Chum Chum Chum XL Diaper Bag, $149 (Wabags)*
Graphite Messenger - Olive, $78 (Brooklyn Industries)
*Our Pick
Note: Diaper bags are always a good messenger bag option because there are a variety of styles, colors and fabrications to choose from with lots of pockets.

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