Saturday, December 29, 2007

Queen of Separates?

Is Liz Claiborne the queen of separates? Sure sounds like it. I found an interesting article in The New York Times Magazine today about Liz. The article details how she was able to successfully "nail" comfortable separates in colors with a great fit. She also revolutionized the way clothing was sold- back in the day the concept of "outfits" didn't exist- crazy right? Also, clothing focused on styles which were very similar to what men were wearing (yikes).
It was very interesting to read how back in the day someone with talent and a good idea could go from high-school dropout to a household name. I'm not sure that could happen today with the retail market being what it is. We just passed through a Christmas shopping season that failed to meet even forecasters' modest expectations and most retail stores are relying on markdowns to meet sales targets.

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