Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolution, Take 1

As the New Year approaches, one may ponder how to better organize your home. The new year is a perfect time to rid your closets of old, unworn, too small, too big or clothing and accessories that are just sooo "last year!" As a guideline, I always like to rid of items that have not been touched within the year; soooo, if you have any clothing and accessories that fall into this category it maybe just the right time to get rid of them. I have noted below some not so original ideas of what to do with all that "stuff" once you've tackled this project.

1) Drop it off at the nearest Salvation Army
2) Give items to a friend, sister/brother, or cousin who constantly admires your stuff
3) Write it off, take it to the nearest thrift store and get your 1st tax write-off for 2008
4) Sell it on eBay
5) Sell it on Craigslist

Cheers to a cleaner and more organized New Year! Good luck.