Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beauty Tips for 2008

Let's face it, we're not getting any younger...but according to Natasha Singer from we can do the following eight things in 2008 to make our beauty not just skin deep.

1. DISCARD OLD, USED BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Some dermatologists recommend discarding products one year after opening them and discarding mascara three months after opening it!
2. STOP SMOKING: What’s good for your lungs may also may have positive effects on your skin.
3. UNHAND THOSE PIMPLES! For those who can’t help squeezing their pimples, think again.
4. MORE SLEEP, LESS STRESS: Psychological stress may impair the skin’s barrier function. uh huh.
5. WEAR SUNSCREEN: Clinical studies show that using sunscreen regularly can impede the development of squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer.
6. SIMPLIFY YOUR BEAUTY: Some dermatologists advise their patients to restrict skin-care regimens to no more than three or four products daily.
7. WASH YOUR FACE: Doctors say that skin picks up environmental debris during the day. Washing off minute dirt particles, along with makeup, every evening gives the skin a rest from exposure to possible irritants.
8. RETHINK PRODUCTS THAT COST MORE THAN $30: The FDA, which regulates cosmetics, does not require beauty manufacturers to publish rigorous studies on the efficacy of their products. So consumers do not have a proven, objective method by which to determine whether more-expensive beauty products work better!

The year 2008 should be declared the year of the drugstore!

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